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We help senior leaders of ambitious companies use digital transformation and disruptive innovation to grow.
A London based boutique advisory firm, we work with clients to deliver new competitive advantages.


The world around us continues to change at an accelerating pace.

The opportunities presented by digital technology - from social platforms and the Internet of Things (IoT) to augmented reality (AR) and big data - can truly transform companies. They offer new revenue sources, closer customer relationships, increased efficiencies, enhanced insights, and faster development. But how do you start? How do you embed technology in your culture? How do you lead a team to embrace change? How do you up-skill the board and build a cohesive vision?

These are precisely the kind of questions we work with clients to answer.

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Innovation, to us, isn't just about invention.

Yes, we often invent new ways of doing things. And we help clients create new products and services. But much of what we do is about helping leadership teams do more with what they already have. Indeed, many of our solutions simply focus on eradicating complexity.

A client recently told us: "You helped us turn three loss-making teams into our biggest area of profitability, through simplification." That's a result we're proud of.

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We help deliver unprecedented growth.

Throughout any of our transformation and innovation projects, our strategic counsel is always geared towards growth, and always focused on results.

We've helped an FMCG company sell 35% more of their leading product. We've helped a challenger bank reach its launch targets. We've helped a professional services firm use digital technology to revolutionise its operations - freeing up £1.4m that was then spent on the creation of a new revenue earning business unit. We've helped mobilise a salesforce, resulting in a 40% jump in sales. And we've played matchmaker to a FTSE 100 firm and a 12-person startup, resulting in a £10m collaboration.

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Hub And Lab also connects investment and funding possibilities.

We work with existing businesses to raise capital for mid- and long-term growth. We also connect clients with view to forming joint ventures and collaborative partnerships. Many of our clients share overlapping goals - and our ability to connect likeminded businesses has resulted in a number of new partnerships. Both financially and in terms of skills, asset, and challenge sharing.

Many of our smaller clients choose Hub And Lab because of our commitment to partnership. We can co-invest in great people and ideas, working to an equity model instead of conventional fees.

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"You helped our Board to understand where 'the next Uber' of our sector is coming from, and created a plan to get us there first."

CEO, Retail group

Hub And Lab

"A hybrid of McKinsey's brain + Google's ambition + WIRED's accessibility."

Director, High Street bank

Hub And Lab

"Hub And Lab's rare combination of commerciality and creativity leads to robust strategy."


Hub And Lab

"You spotted a market opportunity that we hadn't, and wouldn't have, found."

CFO, Professional Services firm


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Because of the nature of what we do - helping clients pivot, transform, grow, or leapfrog - we don't talk about what we do, who we do it for, or how we do it. It's not necessarily meant to be mysterious or secretive, it's just commercially sensitive. Incidentally, it's one of the reasons we don't - and won't - enter awards.

From time to time we collaborate with clients to share learnings, successes, and failures. The best way to read about these is to subscribe to our monthly email:


Our registered address is 71 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ.

But it's not where we work from. Instead, we're found in our clients' offices, sharing space with investors, or using collaborative / co-working spaces like WeWork, Soho Works, and The Clubhouse. It's unconventional, but so are we.

Please send an email to to arrange a meeting to discuss how we could work together. Or connect with us on your preferred social platforms, below.